Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chugging along

It looks as though I've been gone for so long that Blogger has updated.  The first thing I saw was the stats section that tells me how often my page has been viewed, and it goes as follows:
Yesterday: 2
Last month: 81
Total all time in history: 1738

Who knew that many people had visited this thing? I'm guessing that about 1500 of them stumbled here on accident...

Anyhow, I am sitting here on the couch updating this blog (that, apparently, other people read) while my husband plays Minecraft.  I think he's in Hell right now trying to get a blazing rod or something silly like that.  We've had a delightfully lazy day.  I went to Kohl's to spent the $10 promotional gift card they send every couple months and did a bit of grocery shopping, but that's pretty much it.

What I should be doing is applying for jobs, but so far that's been disappointing at best.  I found out during my tutoring job at one of the elementary schools in my school district that the other tutors (paraprofessionals from that school) had both been offered interviews.  I've heard nothing, and am starting to believe that I may have missed the opportunity.  The jobs have been removed from the website for two weeks now, and I've received no calls. I've also applied for Gwinnett and Fulton county, and I need to update my DeKalb county application from last year, but that will probably wait until tomorrow.  I don't look forward to re-ordering and sending transcripts or answering the same questions over and over. But, in the end, I just have to suck it up, get over it, and move on. Right?

Davis and I have also resumed our search for an apartment.  We're looking at a duplex neighborhood of sorts not far from Plants on Walls, where Davis works. (P.S. Check out Plants on Walls - they're vertical hanging gardens!) Anyhow, we checked crime for the area, and there was nothing for the past 6 months; considering how close we are to Atlanta, that says a lot about the area we're considering moving to!

In some ways, I feel like life right now is a mirror image of last spring at this time: find a place to live (and move) and find somewhere to teach.  But, in a lot of ways, life is so much different; the biggest being that I'm married and living in Georgia, so far from family.  But I love coming home and having just enough time to unwind before my husband walks in the door and makes all the stress of the day fade away. I really am very blessed.