Sunday, January 27, 2013


So, I think I finally came up with a decent life resolution (not the same as a New Year's Resolution in case you were wondering). My new life goal is to NOT be taken advantage of, and so far it's going okay. Here's why I've decided this is my new resolution:

The building that Davis and I are currently living in is for sale. We live in one of the four units, and the selling agent, Jamie, has contacted us several times about showing our apartment. The first time, he just took some pictures. About 2 weeks ago, we got another request for a different agent to bring by a buyer, which went really well. I figured any other showings would go that well. I was wrong. A fiasco has ensued.

  • Last Saturday we set 1:00 as a time for a different agent to show it to a potential buyer; at 1:30 we found out they were going to be at least another hour, so we told them to reschedule. 
  • They tried to reschedule for Wednesday by tell us at 2:00 they wanted to see it at 5:30. I told them NO and that our lease allows us a 24 hour advance notice (my first step towards not being taken advantage of!). They set it for Thursday at 5:30. After cleaning our house from top to bottom, we found out at 4:30 on Thursday they couldn't make it. Immense irritation has set in. 
  • Yesterday morning, Jamie told us the same buying agent wanted to bring by another potential buyer at 3:00 today. And at 2:30 that agent calls me to tell me she has to reschedule.
At this point, I'm just about ready to tell Jamie that this other agent may no longer come. We've been burned by her 3 times now, and I am fed up, especially since we've put our lives on hold for her.

The other area where I have decided I'm not going to be taken advantage of is at work with a certain co-worker, but I won't discuss the details here. It's about time I stand up for myself and start telling people, "NO."

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quick Update

Does anyone else have those moments when you think you have something great to say (or blog about), but no time to blog. Then, when I do have time to write a new post, I can't think of anything to say. Well, today's one of those times. So, here's just a few words to let the world know that I'm still kicking here in Georgia.

1. I started my second semester of grad school this week, and I attend class on Monday and Tuesday nights. This makes for a very tough beginning of the week. I'm hoping that I'll get adjusted to the new schedule - soon!

2. Davis is getting a new project car - a 300zx turbo... I think. Which means that my warm, cozy garage parking spot is being relegated to the new project.

3. I didn't make a New Year's Resolution. I haven't for ... well, I can't even remember the last time I made a Resolution. I figured I probably wouldn't keep it any way, so why make one? What I am attempting is to cook more meals at home and be better about cleaning. This seems to be a goal every semester since it's easier to start fresh when everything is clean and organized.

That's all I've got for now. I'm going to take a nap until it's time to cook dinner.

Oh, and Roll Tide and Go SEC!