Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Falling in Love

Well, I've got just over half of the meals prepared and stored in the freezer. There are still about 5 meals left, and I plan to work on those tomorrow. Hah, maybe. Also, I've gone through most of the children's books and textbooks I held on to from college (because everyone goes back and references those, right?). However, I'm having issues with taking pictures to post - my phone battery keeps dying, and the bending over to put the books on the table is quite painful.

On Sunday the pain was so excruciating (I wish that was an exaggeration, but I couldn't even walk up the stairs to the bedroom); I finally decided that the back pain was bad enough that I should see a chiropractor and get some advice from someone besides Google. Through research I had come to the conclusion that my back pain was caused by my sacroiliac (SI) joint. It was originally on my left side, but moved to the right in the last few weeks.

After consulting with the chiropractor, she agreed it's my SI joint. I'll be seeing her 3 times a week for a few weeks and then move down to 2 times a week, then once a week pretty much through the end of my pregnancy. I do a couple rounds on the intersegmental traction table which basically rolls a bar under my spine from below my hips to my neck. Then I do some stretches as the doctor presses/massages the area of the SI joint. Oh, but the best part is the percussor - it's like an intense vibrating massager used on my lower back/hips.

Okay, so the real point of this post was to say how much I am in love with Ellis, already! With the more I feel him move, kick, and bounce around in my belly, I love him a little more each time. I spend a lot of time daydreaming about when he finally makes his arrival and I get to hold him. If you had asked me 6 months ago when I wanted to hold him, I would have said to clean him up first; however, now I want to hold him as soon as possible - even if he is all gross and slimy! Now we're down to 77 days until the due date, and it seems like forever away and right around the corner at the same time.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hello Third Trimester!

As Davis and I plunge into the third trimester, I'm realizing there's still a LOT to do in order to prepare for Ellis' arrival. For one, the nursery is still a holding zone for all the junk that we cleaned out from other areas of the house. There's no furniture in there except a rocking chair and couch that need to be recovered/refinished at some point in the next couple months.

As Ellis' due date gets closer, I become more and more anxious about being a mom. It gets more real with each day (and my ever expanding belly) that in a very short time he will be here. I'd like to think that my maternal instinct will kick in, but I feel so unprepared.

While I may not be able to predict what's coming, I can prepare food for after Ellis is born. That's my goal for this week - prepare freezer meals. Yesterday was my grocery shopping day, and I bought ingredients for about 12 different meals including some of my favorites - lasagna and broccoli cheddar soup! Each recipe should yield about 6-8 servings which means we'll have plenty of meals plus leftovers. I'll post the recipes and some pictures (hopefully) in the next post.

After I finish these meals up, I plan on going through the many boxes of books that have been sitting in our basement/garage/storage for the last 2+ years. I promised Davis that if/when I got the Pre-K position, I would get rid of any books that I can't use. That being said, if anyone has use for books in the 1st-5th grade age range, let me know. I'm more than happy to pass them on to friends or family members with children in that age range or to an elementary teacher!