Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Strange, Crazy Week

Well, we've made it to Week 33 (and a half), and Ellis is now the size of a durian fruit. Yeah, I didn't know what a durian fruit was either, so Davis and I had to look it up. I particularly liked this sign we found about no durians on the transit system in Singapore (apparently they have a particularly strong odor and taste).

As of my last appointment, Ellis was doing great. He's growing a LOT right now, and he spent all day Friday kicking me to let me know he doesn't have enough space in there. At least, that's what it felt like.  Ironically, everything going on with Ellis was the "normal" part of my week.

Last week my graduate classes started again, and I have class on Monday and Tuesday. I've been very fortunate to have professors who are going to work with me to ensure I am able to complete all my classwork even though I'm going to miss several classes once Ellis is born. Thankfully, my classes are done by Thanksgiving with the exception of attending one class in December to watch presentations by the other half of the class. This weekend my goal is to try to work ahead a little, but we'll see how that works out.

Thursday morning I woke up to an email from my new para explaining that he was resigning effective immediately, so I am currently para-less. I'll be working with a sub next week until we interview and hire a replacement. Thankfully, it will be the same sub all week, which will provide some consistency for the kids - and me! I'm feeling some anxiety because I've got 6 weeks before I go on maternity leave and only 4 weeks to prepare the new para to take over the class for 2 months. Several people have told me that while I'm gone, I shouldn't worry and that there's nothing can I do. If anything goes awry while I'm gone, I'll just have to fix it when I get back. However, as a planner and a worrier, it's difficult not to think ahead about what may happen. I just have to remember that maternity leave is my time to love on Ellis - not fret about work. 

If anyone has any suggestions for preparing my classroom for maternity leave, I'd love to hear them!