Friday, February 22, 2013

Baby May: 8 Weeks

Over the past week, as I’ve battled fatigue and morning sickness, I’ve tried to spend a few minutes here and there thinking about the first official blog entry about Baby May. I think the best way is to begin at the beginning with how we found out…

A few weeks ago I started to feel like my stomach muscles were tight, especially when I stretched; I mostly noticed it when I was putting away mats after nap time since I stretch to put them on top of the cabinets in our classroom. I knew it wasn't because I was exercising - hah! - so I decided to take a pregnancy test. Exactly 1 year and 8 months from the time we got married, I tested positive on a home pregnancy test. (I then woke Davis up at 8:00 on a Sunday morning to show it to him - he thought it was a Hot Pocket at first!)

Of course, the rest of the week was chaotic as College Heights prepped for the President’s visit. I managed to get an appointment with a nurse just to confirm the pregnancy for Thursday afternoon (Valentine’s Day)! So, needless to say, I was ready for the President’s visit to be over so I could get to that appointment. However, we weren’t allowed to park at the school that day, so I’m pacing around frantically as we wait for the shuttle bus to the high school that was 30 minutes late. When I do make it to my car, I called the doctor’s office to let them know I’d be late; they told me if I arrived after 4:30 I would have to reschedule. I was NOT about to let that happen.

I picked up Davis at a gas station, and we hustled to the doctor’s office, arriving at 4:35. I was almost in tears because I thought for sure they were going to make me reschedule. (I was ready to give them the whole story about how it was the President's fault we were late- not mine!) Fortunately, the nurse was still able to take me, even though she had to switch out with another nurse halfway through the appointment. We found out rather quickly that I was pregnant at 7 weeks and 1 day!

Not much has changed since we found out. I stopped drinking alcohol (of course). Davis started reading a book – The Caveman’s Pregnancy Companion: A Survival Guide for Expectant Fathers. And I realized that crackers and cheese make a decent meal when you really don’t want to eat anything at all. Also, now people ask me how I “feel” instead of how I “am”; it’s kinda funny, actually.

Well, it's nearly 8:30 on a Friday night, so that means it's bedtime!