Monday, November 21, 2011

Don't get your hopes up

I apologize to all of my faithful readers out there!  The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind.

A few weeks ago I had a meeting with the instructional coach at my school.  I wanted his feedback on whether I was doing what a paraprofessional "should" be doing.  I needed to know that I was doing what I was supposed to without overstepping my boundaries and stepping on my lead teacher's toes.  I was really worried about that.  While she knows how much I want to be a lead teacher, she deserves to run her classroom the way she wants - without me taking over.  By the end of the meeting, I felt very reassured and confident that the administration could see how strong of an influence I am in the classroom.

The next day, Zeke (instructional coach) mentioned to me that there was a lead 3-year-old teacher position open and suggested that I apply.  I did.  I found out the next weekend that I had an interview.  I tried to keep it on the down-low from my colleagues because I didn't want to get my hopes up or have it spread around the school (partially because I didn't want my potential competition to know about the opening - not very nice of me, I know).  My interview went really well, according to my principal.  I did not get the position - it went to another para at the school (who I am sure will do an incredible job - I'm glad he's the one who beat me out for that position).

Since that interview, I have tried to take a step back in the classroom.  I try not to take control outside of the times when it is "acceptable".  I have been doing lots of things that Kelsey doesn't tell me to do.  I added colored water to the sensory table (spray it on foam peanuts!); I am working with the students on writing their names; and I made a turkey centerpiece with all the kids for Thanksgiving (thanks pinterest!).  Slowly but surely I am finding my niche in the classroom.

I used solid colored paint chips and actually cut them into "feathers".  The kids loved it!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Susan's Bachelorette Weekend!

This past weekend, I went to Memphis to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Susan Price and Andrew Alderman.  Okay, we really went there for Susan's bachelorette party/weekend.  Instead of detailing what we did, I thought I would re-quote Susan's status about the weekend and then leave you with a few pictures (don't worry - they're all safe!).

"Tiny car, febreze quest, audrey hepburn, darn good hot

 cocoa, room switch, tiara, free tea, "do your worst,"

 shoes vs corkscrews, presents!, hard rock, beale st,

 puppies, cookies dough, lost glasses (still lost), photo

 opp. Memphis adventure complete."

The bachelorette getting ready for dinner Saturday

Oaklawn Gardens in Germantown, TN (Sunday)

The Bachelorette!

Maybe we had a little too much fun...

Just hanging out on a fence

Sending Susan, Kallen, and Kirstyn off on the train

Just keep walking....just keep walking...

Beautiful North Alabama on the drive home