Sunday, December 8, 2013

2 Months Already!

It is hard to believe that 2 months have already flown by! Ellis has changed and grown so much in such a short span of time. We've all adjusted to life with him around, and we made it past our first big hurdle this past week. Davis started his new job, so he was out of town the whole week, I went back to work, and Ellis started daycare. As anxious as I was about everything happening at once, it all went surprisingly well, for which I am incredibly grateful.

Our daily schedule looks something like this:
Between 12 and 1am: Wakes up to eat
Between 4 and 6am: Wakes up to eat
                   If he wakes up before 5, I feed him and put him back in his crib. If he wakes up after 5, I
                   feed him and put him in his tub in the bathroom (no water) while I get ready.
6am: Wake up and dress Ellis
6:15: Feed Ellis/top him off
6:45: Load the car and head to school
7:15: Drop Ellis off at daycare - he's usually asleep again thanks to the car ride and full belly
7:15  - 4pm: Ellis is at daycare. There hasn't been any discernible pattern to his schedule there. He usually eats twice during that time, occasionally 3 times. He seems to be getting worn out with all the stimulus, which is why he's sleeping longer stretches at night.
4:45: We get home; Ellis eats.
5:15 - 7: We snuggle or Ellis sits in his bouncy seat. I try to get bottles and my lunch ready for the next day during this time. Also, I eat sometime in this time span,
7pm: Bathtime!
7:30: Ellis eats again
8:00: Ellis goes to bed by 8, if not a little earlier and sleeps until his 12-1am feeding.
9:30: I go to bed

Things Ellis enjoys:
Being the center of attention at home (i.e. being held whenever possible)
Looking at the fan spinning
Bathtime (A complete 180 from his first several baths; now we use them to him calm him down)
Being held upright and bounced on Davis's stomach
Walking around and being bopped on the behind
Riding in the car (this only works if he's not hungry)
Riding in the Moby (another surefire way to put him to sleep if you walk long enough)

He is definitely developing his little personality. We've seen a lot of smiles, gurgles, coos, and even some giggles in the past several weeks. He'll reply to the noises we make so that it's almost like having a conversation. The past couple nights he has been all smiles (the big, goofy, open-mouthed smiles) when I change his diaper and re-swaddle him - things he tends to dislike. It makes waking up in the middle of the night totally worth it :)

We have his 2-month checkup on Tuesday, and I'm interested to see how long/tall he is now. He's been wearing 3 month clothes for the past few weeks because his torso is so long. His 3 month pants are still a little long, but that's easily solved by rolling them up a bit. I'll comment with his new stats after his appointment.

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